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Stalin: From Patriot to Oppressor

Written by Animus AniKor Saxcian

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The Red Terror: Stalin's Reign

In history, there are few people who are able shake the world so hard the ripple hits every nation. The few who have include the ranks of those similar to Hitler, Saddam, and Osama Bin Laden. However, none of these could ever reach the level of power, control, and brutality that one dictator had. This man had exceeded beyond any other evil that had ever been unleashed upon our world. This man's name is Joseph Stalin, leader of the oppressive communist party in the old Russia's, USSR (The United Socialist Soviet Republic). Stalin had fought in the Bolshevik revolution, conceived of the new government attained thereof, and single handedly had taken absolute control over the USSR. His terror spread throughout the land and eventually reached every inch of this planet. Joseph Stalin was, by far, one of the most feared, brutal, and powerful men of the last one thousand years.

An Early Life: Pious Child

Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, was born on December 9th, 1879 in Gori, Georgia to Vissarion and Yekaterina Dzhugashvili. He was the third child to be born, although young Iosif was the only child to survive infancy. His father, Vissarion, worked as a poor shoemaker and his mother, Yekaterina, augmented her husband's salary by working as a domestic servant. Vissarion was an alcoholic and eventually became abusive towards Iosif and his mother. At age five, Iosif's father failed at being an independent artisan and left his family to work at a factory in Tiflis, the capital of Georgia. For the remainder of his childhood, Iosif and his mother lived in the home of Father Charkviani, a priest. Yekaterina was a hard working, pious woman and was devoted to ensuring her only son would get a good education, thus escaping the drudgery of what is the lower class existence.

During the year of 1888, in the dulcet month of September, Yekaterina enrolled Iosif into Gori Clerical Elementary School. He was only nine at this time; also, he began to learn the Russian Cyrillic language at this age. Iosif was an excellent student earning superb grades and taking a position near the top of the class. He also excelled at singing, and thus joined the choir. However, during school he was said to be callous towards other students, and had been punished by school authorities numerous times. In any case, though, there were no signs of the direction his career would take him. He graduated 6 years after enrolling, in July of 1894; despite having many distractions. For example, his father took him to Tiflis to work alongside him, in the shoe factory, for a whole year. Vissarion intended on making this his son's career, but Yekaterina impeded upon his plans and took her son back to the school. Furthermore, Iosif was diagnosed with both small pox and blood poisoning. The small pox left his face scarred and pitted for the rest of his life, and the blood poisoning caused his left arm to grow considerably shorter than his right. Iosif was also a very diminutive boy, and would carry this curse with him through the rest of his life.

Young Iosef Finds Marxism

After graduating, Yekaterina exhorted Iosif into applying for a scholarship at the Tiflis Theological Seminary. He was awarded the scholarship and enrolled on September 2nd, 1894. Yekaterina strained to help pay for Iosif's tuition, and embellished over the hope that her son would one day become a priest. Year's later when Iosif was Dictator Stalin, she told an interviewer that she still wished her son would have become a priest. The Tiflis Theological Seminary, although a religious institution, was far from limited to ecclesiastical teachings; it was also Georgia's center of advanced learning. This school attracted upper-class people from all around the region. The strict Russian Orthodox priests who governed the school, and the secular, often radical heretics known as the Georgian student body, set a back drop for a cornucopia of heated conflicts between the two routs. Although, Iosif's 5 years there were rather pacific, in the years preceding his arrival, a legion of violent occurrences out-bursted. These incidents include a multitude of strikes, and the murder of one rector. Despite the years of quietude, the radical student body ideas proceeded to be conceived inside the womb of the sacerdotal authority.

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