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The Masons and Washington, DC

Written by Silveran

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Coloring Time! Finding Masonic Images in the Map.
Using modern maps and images of the original plan, we will consider the theory which holds Washington, DC's plan includes Masonic imagery to channel power of a Demonic nature into the hallowed halls of Democracy.

First and dominate in the theory is the Pentagram of Mendes, or more commonly the "Goat-head Pentacle" seen here: According to some, the upper four points of this star represent the Four Magical Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The final, downward point represents the Spirit of the Devil.

According to the theory, this down pointing star can be found in DC, with the primary (bottom) centered on the White House itself. The other points of this star are Dupont Circle and Logan Circle in the north, Washington Circle in the west, and Mt. Vernon Square in the East. Scott Circle is a connector point between the east/west points and the northern points.

Here is an image of the map:

(Click for Larger Image)

It is interesting to note, however, there is a flaw in the pentagram on the un-highlighted map. The street leaving Scott Circle stops at M Street, not at Washington Circle. This throws some doubt on the theory.

To complete the Symbol of the Pentagram of Mendes is The House of the Temple, the national headquarters of the Masons in the US. It if found thirteen blocks north of the White House, on R Street. According to the theorist, the name of this street is important, because "R" is the eighteenth letter, and eighteen is six+six+six.

To assist you in seeing the pentagram claimed to exist by the theory, here it is highlighted in red:

(Click for Larger Image)

Next, the theorist find the main symbols of Freemasonry on the streets surrounding the Capitol Building and the street which connects it to the White House. The first of these symbols, the square is said to be created by Louisiana Ave NW and Washington Ave SW as seen here:

Again, highlighted:

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