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Must See Disney

Written by Tassana Burrfoot

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Animal Kingdom
Our last and final park. First and foremost. Animal Kingdoms theme is Natazu. Animal Kingdom is anything but a zoo. Sure, there are animals and such, but it is Natazu!

So, what's the first place you want to go when going to Animal Kingdom? The Tree of Life, of course! As you approach the tree, something interesting will occur... Wait, a minute... are you getting smaller or is the tree getting bigger? This tree stands a good 14 stories high, with a canopy of over 160 feet! What's that etched into the tree? Animals! There are over 300 animals carved into the trunk of the tree. Can you name them all?

As you are going through the Tree of Life, you'll find that the base is actually a doorway. This is where you can see our first must see in Animal Kingdom. It's Tough to be a Bug! Flik and his friends are here to show you just how hard being a bug truly is. Watch out for Hopper!

Where to go after laughing with Flik? DinoLand U.S.A gives you all kinds of fun stuff to do with dinosaurs. The kids can play in the Boneyard and dig up all kinds of neat dinosaur bones.

There's the Primeval Whirl, TriceraTop Spin, and you can see Dino-Sue up close! There's also Dinosaur, a ride that takes you back to the prehistoric age. Watch out for T-Rex and his buddies!

As you exit DinoLand, don't forget our first must see: Tarzan Rocks! This is a stage show where you can see first hand how much Tarzan likes to be around the gorillas. You can meet Jane as she joins Tarzan in the vines. This is a hip-hop, bebop show where gorillas and man fly through the trees. Loud noises may frighten small children.

Once you're finished with Tarzan, walk across the bridge to Asia. You'll see the site of Expedition Everest, a new rollercoaster ride that is not quite finished yet.

What to do in Asia? Well, there's our next must see: The Kali River Rapids. Talk about white water rafting! What's the warning for this ride? You WILL get wet, you might get soaked! And of course you usual warnings. If you have neck, back, or chest injuries, or are pregnant, you should not ride this ride. But, I mean, come on! This is an awesome way to cool off for the day.

Other things to check out in Asia are the Maharajah Jungle Trek and Flights of Wonder.

Next stop is Africa. Make sure to get on the train here to Rafiki's Planet Watch. Here you get a close up view of baby animals. You also get to see the inside of the veterinary clinics and where the animals sleep at night. Another great thing to check out is the petting zoo, affectionly known as the Affection Section. In Rafiki's Planet Watch, you'll learn the importance of Conservation and Rehabilitation. You'll see first hand how to build a habitat for animals like butterflies and birds. They even have a small area where you can listen to the sounds of the rainforest.

When you get back to Africa, make sure to stop by our next must see. Kilimanjaro Safari takes you on a ride through the African savanna. You'll get to see free roaming okapis, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, lions, and cheetahs. Nope. I did not stutter. I said lions and cheetahs! Talk about awesome! Help the rangers track down some poachers before they get to our beloved elephants.

Is that all that's left in Animal Kingdom? Nope. There's more. Head over to Camp Minnie-Mickey for the Festival of the Lion King, the next must see of the Animal Kingdom. This show is a celebration of Simba, who has just become king! The audience becomes part of the show in this crazy set of acrobats and singers!

Be sure to check out Pocahontas and her Friends. This small show talks about the secret to becoming one with the Earth. This is another conservation show, but you'll get to see Pocahontas and her friends up close and personal. Even Meeko joins in on the fun.

Oh, boy! What a day! But, that's not all. Leave Camp Minnie-Mickey and find a spot to sit and relax around the entrance of Africa. Make sure to grab a couple smoked turkey legs and some drinks. The final must see in Animal Kingdom is the parade. Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade. Talk about boogie! These animals really get down. You'll see Baloo and King Louie. Not to mention a whole lot more characters as they dance in the street.

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