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Convention Report: DragonCon 19

Written by Silveran

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Talking with Con Attendees.... who are these people?
Well, there are two groups in this category to me, actual Con Attendees and Con Dealers.

Attendees are the people that pay to come see the stuff... normal geeks, like you and I.... most of the time. All in all, it's fun just to chit-chat with people especially if you like to yap like my wife and I do. One of the wonderful people we met, we shamelessly recruited for our department next year. She just retired from the University of Cincinnati as a coordinator. She's worked with big name stars for years now. We love her, a civil war re-enactor, baudiville actress's granddaughter, and all around kick-ass cool lady.

For Dealers, well I can honestly say I really only talked with a few. The one that made the largest impression was Luna, aka Kim Kaiser (website: I noticed him hanging out prior to the art room opening up, because he has a beautiful back trench hand painted with blue wings over a human skeleton. Check out his art. It's gorgeous. We chit-chatted about how art is formed, and the business side of being an artist.

Filking..... what in the hell is this crap?
Filking is a musical art form. It uses folk styled music (most of the time) with lyrics based on science-fiction, fantasy, or pop culture. I am friends with a delightfully eccentric woman named Terry Wachoviak, who's the lead for a group called Terry and the Space Pirates. This woman introduced me to filk and had fun teaching me songs. So, I spent what little free time I had in the Filk room (mainly because nothing else is going on from 12 midnight till 0800 :P ). I love filk, and would probably spend almost all my time in there.

Anyway, I had a hellava time at DragonCon, and I think that everyone else on this board should show up and have fun with me next year.

DragonCon's website (for tickets for next year, get them early, they are cheaper then):

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