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Kender Personality

Written by Sean Macdonald

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Kender are raised in a society where everyone is allowed to do what they want as long as it does not harm another. So they are fiercely independent. Kender do not take orders well, and will rebel when made to do something by force. This will only bring about the worst in a kender and may cause them to complain and even taunt the oppressor. If they believe the idea was theirs or the order they are given holds enough interest for them they will usually comply. This independence brought together with their fearlessness and irrepressibility often gets the kender and his or her companions into trouble. "I know you told me not to open the door with the magical writing on it, but it had such an interesting lock, much like the one my Uncle Lefty had "the accident" on, and it was much closer than that other ordinary looking door. Sorry about the whole banshee thing, but I think it'll be morning soon and we'll be able to crawl out any time now." The most feared thing any fellow traveler can hear from a kender companion is "Oops!"

Kender are a very compassionate race. They make life-long friendships with those people that allow them too, and they are unwavering in their faith to that person and create strong bonds that for them are near impossible to break. They will defend their friends with as much conviction as possible. Because they share this strong connection they can be hurt by cutting or disparaging remarks from a close friend. And as kender wear their emotions on their sleeve it can be heart-breaking to see a kender that has just been shunned by a companion. Fortunately kender are forgetful about such things and will soon be back to their happy-go-lucky selves before too long.

They also have strong feelings about creatures that are less fortunate than themselves. They are very charitable and feel a need to protect those people that are week or in need. They also share an empathy with animal life. There is an old story about a ranger that was hunting a deer. Unknown to the ranger the deer was a pet of a nearby kender community. It had been shot with an arrow by the ranger, and stumbled into the kender village. When the ranger tracked down the deer he had discovered that the entire village had come out to help the wounded animal. At the site of all the kender crying their eyes out the ranger was so distressed that he quested to find a druid to heal the animal, and then settled down for a quite life of fishing.*

Dreaming Laziness
Daydreams are what kender live for. They wander to find the things they can only dream about. Real life and work can get repetitive and boring fast, especially if it's the type of work that does not allow for a little freedom, a chance to escape. This is why dwarves find kender lazy good for nothings, because compared to a dwarf they are. A dwarf could sit in front of a roaring fire, banging away on a piece of metal day in and day out for years and be satisfied. A kender could loose his or her mind in they type of environment. Hard repetitive labor does not suit kender. But when it has to be done, you'll find that kender will try to take their minds off it, though stories and song. Kender tales and kender music can help take a kender's mind off of mind-numbing industrial work.

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