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How the Heck Do I Read the Dragonlance Series?

Written by Chung Y Chow and Matt Haag

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Welcome to "How the Heck Do I Read the Dragonlance Series?" You will be sitting with two people who will detail how you can read the Dragonlance Novels. One who is a big fan of the world setting and the other who is pretty much the expert!

This article's creation came about when Chung (He's the Fan) decided to pick up the Dragonlance series again after just reading the first 6 books 10 years ago. He stopped reading them when he fell asleep to "Stormblade" from the Heroes Series that wasn't written by Tracy and Margret. He thought it strayed away from the story and history he knew in the first two series.

It was only a couple months ago that he dug up the Elven Nations Series, to fulfill the need of wanting something to read. He was hooked! It left him with the determination to get back into the books and start over from the Chronicles again.

He had one problem. It had been YEARS since he had paid attention to the novels (He was an avid Roleplayer in the Dragonlance world more than he read the novels) and decided to amass the rest of the Dragonlance novels that he did not have. He also had to figure out how to read them in the right order. There were just so many books that were released since he had last read them. He contacted his good friend and colleague who ran the infamous site.

With Matt's (He's the Expert) help, they have come up with a new reading list derived from the recommended reading list on the site. So we hope this will help some of the new and veteran fans of the Dragonlance novels.

First off, we recommend books by Douglas Niles and Richard Knaak, as well as, of course, the Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman novels. Dan Parkinson's books are also excellent. Most of the other books in the series are also worth reading, except where we have noted.

Also, if you decide to get into the series and you order online, help out the site by ordering from the site there. You can find a very well written product list there and we shall also be linking the books from this article to the site.

Now this list is seperated in three parts. "Read it Straight" are the MAIN books detailing the begining to the 5th age. "Books of the Heroes of the Lance" and "Books of the 5th Age" details the various books that do not have to be read in order. Basically, the books that derived from the main storyline.

What is the 5th Age? To put it simply, the 5th age is to Heroes of the Lance as "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is to Star Trek Orignal Series. It continues the saga with the children of the Heroes of the Lance period.

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