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Kender and the New 3E Halfling

Written by Sean Macdonald

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They previously enjoyed a bonus for all saves against magic and poisons. This is now gone and in it's place is a +1 bonus against all saving throws in general. On top of that they receive an additional +2 morale bonus that stacks with their +1 against fear. This added protection against fear is a nod towards the near immunity kender enjoy against fear. It's not as powerful as the kender's resistance, but it's enough to get them into trouble.

Halflings have a particular love for collecting things that is slightly different from kender. They collect groups of things. Button collections, mug collections, pressed flowers, animal claws, and other various odds and ends. Where halflings concentrate on one type of object, kender usually collect whatever they can get their hands on.

Evidently, the new halfling loves to trade insults now. This concept comes directly from the kender race's ability to throw taunts at enemies. Once again, kender take the art to an extreme and get special reactions when taunting, but halflings only love to trade insults as a hobby, much like they like to trade riddles.

Yes, believe it or not. The third edition halfling subscribes to the concept of handling. If there was anything that set kender apart from the other races it was the idea that they had a failing to understand the true value of property. This is the biggest change in the 3E halfling from it's predecessor. Halflings have community treasuries that a halfling will receive funds from when traveling out beyond their commonwealth and into the lands of other races. While living within the halfling society, halflings do not carry money because they don't need it. They trade in services and non-monetary objects (such as rare finds for their collections). They even freely borrow items from their friends and neighbors as long as it is not being used. Among halflings, you will find that it is even typical to discover them taking an object of value and then swearing that they just didn't think anyone was using it at the moment; and actually meaning it! I suppose if there is a difference in this concept from halflings to kender, it's that over time halflings can learn to curb this impulse when they have been arrested enough times for taking things.

The halfling society is no longer the "lets sit in our comfy borrows and relax" type of society. In many ways it mirrors the kender concept of society. One change, mentioned above in handling, is that property is more community based. Borrowing without asking for a shovel or tea set is commonplace and expected.

The halfling society is a happening place, just like kender communities. Halflings love parties. Among them they have 3 different types of birthday parties, (including one after you've died). The festivals (or as kender call them "moots") are almost always community based, involving the extended families and close friends. They are held very often, so any visitor into a commonwealth is bound to find that they are invited to one when they visit and get the impression that halflings are always holding them (which they are).

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