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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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Indiana Jones step aside, adventure has a new name. The name is Croft, Lara Croft to be more precise. She even has a title to go with the name, Lady Lara Croft, daughter of Sir Richard Croft. Forget about the whip, the machete, and the six shooter of the Indi movies. Bring in two, count them, two Colt .45 automatic guns, high tech gear, and bunji jumping equipment.

Tomb Raider opened up in many theaters on June 15, right on time for fathers day here in the states. The movie is based and inspired by the game created by Eidos Interactive of the same name. Those of you who are not familiar with the Tomb Raider game, will have a difficult time understanding what all the fuzz is about. First noticeable thing you will realize is that the main character in the game and the movie is not a man, but a woman. She is British, beautiful, intelligent, agile, and she can hold her own against any man or woman during hand to hand combat.

You want narrow escapes? There are plenty in the movie. Action? There is a multitude of that going around, from the beginning scene in which our heroine is training at her estate in England or Great Britain, to the final battle and narrow death escape in Iceland.

Lost artifacts and puzzles to go with all the daring? Try two lost artifacts, and a key to find and unlock both of them. The main plot of the movie centers around finding two pieces of a lost triangle that was responsible for the destruction of Atlantis or some other similar civilization many ages ago. Uniting both of the pieces will grant the person control over that precious commodity known as time. As you could imagine, uniting both pieces could spell doom for the entire world (a very well known plot, used in hundreds of movies). Needless to say it is up to our heroine to find the two pieces and destroy them before the bad guys do. In between fighting the bad guys, the guardians of the pieces, and solving the mysteries that guard the pieces, our heroine will find time to take a shower, go to an auction, talk to a lawyer, and have tea in a Budhist temple in India.

Does she find the pieces on time? Of course she does, but I will not tell you how, since it will give away the entire movie. It is enough to say that this movie, has great special effects, good action, great sets, and is an adrenaline roller coaster of intense action. We definitely have to give credit to the producers and designers. They took their time to re-create the Lara Croft myth as close to the character in the games as possible. She has a servant, and a side kick, just like in the game. She lives in a grand manor estate. All the core elements of the game were transferred to the movie in one way or another, this in my opinion was a great job, since a lot of transfers from comic books and books are poorly done or badly blotched most of the time.

So remember if you are looking for adventure, the name is Croft, Lady Lara Croft; archeologist, tomb raider, athletic, intelligent, gorgeous, and one hundred percent action.

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