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The Joy of Being Human

Written by Tanja de Bie

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Enter in an average online fantasy game and sit down at a corner of the street and just observe what passes by. You will be amazed at what you see before you. Its not just dainty elves and sturdy dwarves. There are unique twists of fairies, dark elves of course and invariably with all their innate abilities intact, all kinds of reptilians including dragons, vampires in daylight, walking cats and dogs and even stranger furries etc. And it doesn't stop there, because most of the time these creatures can completely interbreed. Don't even try and imagine how that looks like.

So what ever happened to being human? It certainly doesn't seem a very popular choice if all you have to do is shop around in the gene pool and find a far more interesting mix. But don't forget the joys of being human.

  • Only humans can truly be a jack of all trades
  • Humans may be short lived but they are inventive and quick witted
  • Humans only have between 16-18 years of background to create. A credible non-human character needs to write at least 100 years worth of background.
  • Humans breed quickly and by definition are often the standard of an Empire. Humans are the norm.
  • Being non-human means dealing with discrimination and backlash all the time. So humans save themselves the hassle.
  • Humans deal with all the good things in adventuring: romance, getting rich quickly and high speed action (no time to wait centuries).
  • Playing an human forces you to focus on character driven role playing instead of just taking advantage of special abilities. So its a far more demanding role.
  • Playing an human makes it easier for you to relate to your character. Most players who play fantasy races like elves and dwarves often still play them as humans because their imagination doesn't stretch far enough to be able to truly relate to an alien race. So your human character will look less the fool
What is the point of this article? Next time you make a character, even if it is high fantasy, consider making her human. You'll be surprised at the interesting opportunities that arise.

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