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Planescape in 3e: Can it Happen?

Written by Brannon Hollingsworth & Ken Marable

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Yet another example is improved and updated web-based support of the setting. When Planescape was at its height, an update on the Wizard's server was a rare thing, and a gaming related update was even rarer! Even though those days are thankfully long gone, Planescape suffered as a result. However, with the dawning of Third Edition and with the naming of the new Official Planescape website, and its bold advance on a 3e flavor of the setting,, web-based interest of Planescape is undergoing a renewal of epic proportions. While still in its infancy, has already posted over 200 user-submitted articles that range from converted classic monsters to new feats, skills, magic items and more! The site boasts over 20 online individual submission types, all there for the users ease for creating new material to aid in the settings rebirth and growth. Further, the Official site, will soon be re-emerging from its hiatus like a phoenix from the ashes – to become the largest and most comprehensive Planescape site in existence! Not only will Planewalker provide completely free D20 compatible Planescape products, it will also resume with its predictable updates, adding some new information that might seem familiar to some of the older Planescape fans out there!

New Planescape products you say? Yes, the Planescape product line will continue with new adventures, sourcebooks, and more, all as free downloads. But even though this will be a fan-based effort, we are striving to produce works that will easily fit in with the original Planescape products produced by TSR. We have an Official Product Staff that reviews each idea and helps guide each product through development so that they will maintain a high degree of consistency and quality. We have also enlisted the help of Monte Cook, Colin McComb, and David "Zeb" Cook as an Advisory Board that will review and comment on each of our product ideas! This calendar year alone we have 5 products lined up to release including a novel, two rule sourcebooks, 2 adventures, and a monster compendium!! All with professional caliber artwork and well designed and thoroughly playtested new rules!

For the Third Edition, Planescape has come into the hands of the fans. But we plan to carry on the setting into this new era of Dungeons and Dragons, and help it not only achieve the level it of development it once had, but to surpass it and become more than what it was! Because many gamers are interested in dungeon crawls and hack-n-slash gaming, there is a definite trend with d20 products towards "1st edition feel" and the slaying for treasure style of gaming. But there are many of us more interested in opponents with unclear motives than the moustache-twisting bad guy who kidnapped the princess just because. We do not look at the monster manual as a collection of things to fight. It is a collection of exotic species to interact with – perhaps even play as a PC! For those of us who feel that combat is a very small part of role-playing, there isn't a great deal on the market for us. The Planescape setting is definitely geared to fill that niche with its new incarnation.

The Planescape campaign setting for the Third Edition will not be just an attempt to convert a dead setting to new rules for our own campaigns. The setting will be reborn, full of life and vibrancy. With 5 products coming out this year, and even more planned for 2002, it may very well become one of the more active campaign settings out there, and a testament to "fan-based products".

Edited by Scott Perry

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