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A Day at the Faire

Written by Rebecca Donovan-Tifft

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In addition to spending your money, the faire featured eight stages with shows being presented throughout the day. Some of the shows I enjoyed the most are detailed here, but there we so many that even with going to the faire twice, I wasn’t able to see them all.

The Free Lancers - A jousting exhibition that was really quite spectacular.

Wash Well Wenches - Hilarious (and very, very wet) raunchy comedy by two lovl-er-well, wenches.

The Naughty Nymphs - BYOB (bring your own boobs), nuff said.

The King’s Royal Falconer - An awe-inspiring display.

Broon - One of the funniest juggling fire-eaters I’ve ever seen. Heavy with improv, Broon will stop at nothing to entertain.

Theatre in the Ground - Shakespeare would have rolled over in his grave, but I think this trio dug him up to make their mud-pit. Their rendition of Beowulf made the part of me that is an English major cringe, but taking it with a grain of salt, the show was very entertaining. A must see.

The Minstrels of Mayhem - A fantastic group, drew in huge crowds.

Cast in Bronze - (See our Master of the Bells article for detailed information) A MUST SEE.

Finally, there were several campsites you could visit, each one demonstrating one part of life in the renaissance. The Bent Raider Mercenary Guild gave fighting demonstrations while you would watch the Summerisle Spinners and Weavers as they made cloth. The Tuatha De Donnon and Lady Marrywell’s both provided excellent demonstrations of daily life. There was even a site by the Paladin Society, a special interest club from South Plantation High School. [What a great idea! - Editor]

For easy reference, here is a list of internet-savvy ren-vendors from the Florida Renaissance Festival. The faire itself can be found at

Cast in Bronze (music) -
Castile Moon (soaps/lotions) -
Blue the Pipemaker -

Armor and Jewelry
Shadow Walker -
The Enchanted Cottage -

Capricorn Cutlery -
Black Sword Armoury, Inc. -

White Pavilion Clothiers -
The Needle Fairy -

Son of Sandlar, Inc. -
Renaissance Moccasins -

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