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Review of the Master of the Bells, Frank DellaPenna

Written by Rebecca Donovan-Tifft

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There are currently two recordings available for purchase at live shows and via the web site ( Carol of the Bells is a compilation of Christmas music and features Frank's signature song, "Carol of the Bells." Genesis contains eleven compositions ranging from classically French-inspired to a pair of intense African rhythms. The next recording, Voyage, is due out in early summer, and will feature "O Fortuna," from Carmina Burana, and original version of "Ode to Joy," "Johnny Comes Marching Home," as well as several completely original songs.

Cast In Bronze will perform at the Live Oak Renaissance Fair until the end of April, then at the Georgia Renaissance Fair until Memorial Day. Summer concerts will be held in and around Cast In Bronze's home base of Pennsylvania. In the fall, the carillon will be at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Lastly, Frank is negotiating a return to Disney's Epcot for the holiday season.

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