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Of Science and Men

Written by Martin Girard

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Then came the theory of special relativity, famous for having introduced nuclear power, but also for some stunning and sometimes rather unintuitive conclusions. Relativity has been accepted and proven superior to Newton's theory of relativity after an experiment proving the influence of gravity was not instantaneous, but rather depended on distance. On the other hand, most of its conclusions did not been experimentally verified at the time. The fact that it was constituted of many { layers } independent of each other suggests they should have been studied as independent theories, but physicists rather accepted it in block.

The second frame of special relativity deals with what is called the locality of space. Shortly, it tells that although all space is relative, light itself is not. It leads to hilarious conclusions, such as the speed of light being independent of the movement of the observer, being a contradiction to the theory. But heck, this was Einstein, who would dare telling him he was wrong? This masquerade still lasts today even after those predictions have several times been infirmed experimentally.

One of those predictions is the famous speed of light cannot be exceeded, or even reached practically. Not only does it look weird, but it unfortunately rendered all space travel unpractical. Yet, recently it has been proven wrong, light exceeding its own speed by a factor of ten times (?). Then physicists, who should at this point have at least question the theory itself, then turned toward some other crazy conclusions and attempted to prove light was in fact traveling back through time, and attempting to prove it experimentally. We did not hear of those experiments since, curiously. Besides, the tunnel effect, involved in the information of special relativity, was known to physicists for years, but rather wanted to conceal its existence.

Another experimental result that had been obtained even before that event concerns astrophysics, closely related to quantum physics. Astrophysicists attempted to measure the speed of light near the even horizon of a black hole, and then obtained results exceeding light speed by a factor of 1.25, what was theoretically impossible. Yet, they released those results. Shortly after the physics community reacted to it, they somewhat { corrected } their results to 0.8. A difference of 40% means either their measures are so ridiculously wrong none of it accumulated in the whole history of astrophysics is any reliable, or more likely the measures had been altered after some underground pressure from eminent figures of physics whose asses were severely threatened by such results.

All those matters regarding special relativity are about mathematics. The equations of the second frame are wrong, what has been demonstrated and corrected about thirty years ago, and the whole frame reformulated as the autodynamics theory, which is accurate. But since it contradicts Einstein (who didn't do the math himself, in fact), most pairs do hardly listen. It shall take another decades of infirming experiments before they realize their theories are doomed.

Oops, maybe I typed much longer than I expected on the topic, and I hardly told a small glimpse of the unreliability of the conclusions of quantum physics, and I do not tell you the best stuff. This informs limitations such as the speed of lights as a limit speed, but also some capabilities such as traveling through wormholes in space-time continuum. Same thing for the Big Bang which is being infirmed dramatically since the last decades, and the list goes on and on. My advice is to look at serious alternative theories before betting on those issues.

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