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A Guide to Online Game Management

Written by The Staff

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Why a Guide to Game Management you ask?

Well, you might be a brilliant writer of settings and a reasonable moderator of role-playing, but running a group of players that is larger than an average table top game will actually involve organizational & leadership skills as well. So the Academy offers you the ultimate guide in game management.

First lets look at the possible goals you could have to run a game:

  1. Fun & Relaxation for yourself
  2. Fun & Relaxation for others
  3. Improving the writing skills of yourself and others
  4. Exploring a certain game concept or philosophical idea
  5. Offering a High Quality game
  6. Enhancing your reputation as a Game Designer in the RPG community
  7. Minimizing cost
  8. Minimizing effort
  9. Maximizing revenue by
    1. maximizing the number of unique visitors to your site per month
    2. maximizing the number of clicks adds get
    3. eventually selling of your site to the highest bidder
    4. asking a fee to participate
    5. selling merchandise
  10. Maximizing the number of players, the scope of your game
We do not offer an opinion on the worthiness of any of these goals. We suggest you write down which of them apply to you and then prioritize them. This list of prioritized goals should be the basis of any decision you make as a manager.

Always be open and honest about all your goals and their priorities. There is no sense in hiding them. If you have prioritized maximizing revenue, no amount of sweet talk will convince visitors to your site that you are only concerned with exploring an interesting philosophical ideal.

All of these goals should be able to be achieved by focusing on three important topics: managing players, managing game masters, and logistics. Our case study will be the fictional Dung Heap, a high fantasy online forum game. The owner of the game site is called Sam. He has recruited 10 moderators and is hopeful for a player base of around 150.

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