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Written by Ruben Archilla

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Tarkkareans in the Galaxy:
Tarkkareans in the galaxy can be found working as bodyguards, first mates, law enforcers, covert ops specialists, science researchers, or just about any profession that requires military or scientific skills.

If you are running a campaign under the new Republic, Tarkkareans will be working actively with the new Republic leaders. Those that are in the military will be serving the new Republic army as soldiers, pilots, officers or advisors. Two full legions of Tarkkareans will be forming part of the Republic army, in addition to several commando teams and covert ops specialists. Tarkkarean scientists will be working on special research projects to improve the conditions across the galactic space controlled by the Republic.

Notes to the Gamemaster: If you are running a campaign under the Empire, bear in mind that Tarkkareans will never serve under the Empire. They will pretend to work for the Empire, but in reality they will do everything they can to sabotage, delay, or make non- productive whatever endeavor they are working on. Tarkkareans will be actively cooperating with the rebel alliance as military advisors, military trainers, covert ops specialists, or even acting as commando units to strike anywhere against the empire. As scientists they will be working on improving the technology available to the alliance in order to give the alliance an edge on the war.

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