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Written by Ruben Archilla

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The Ice Jelly has many eyes around the edge of their canopy, and between 50 and 200 tentacles that it uses to capture food and eat. Ice Jellies move by using their tenacles. They move at a rate of 15 meters per turn, which is very slow for a creature of this size. They eat by draping their tentacles around the food and releasing digestive fluids. They prefer to eat Ice Crabs, but will also eat Ice Lizards. The tentacles of the Ice Jelly are poisoned and do 2D of damage. Anyone hit by a tentacle must pass a moderate strength check or be paralyzed for 1d5 turns.

Ice Jellies travel in groups of 5 to 10 and they are very protective of their young ones. They encompass their young in a protective circle when they travel and feed.

Ice jellies are a beautiful sight to behold. One of the many tourist attractions in Kemay, Tarkeris, and Var-Betar is Ice Jelly sightseeing. Tourists are taken on the sightseeing expeditions for a modest fee. Several companies have two day and three day packages available for tourists who want to enjoy this attraction. The expeditions are accomplished by using sail barges to travel into the glacial areas and safely position themselves high above the Ice Jellies. Sailing above Ice Jellies at night when they are changing colors is one of the highest points of the entire expedition.

Name: Tarkkareans
Attribute Dice: 16D
Dexterity: 2D/6D
Knowledge: 4D/7D
Mechanical: 2D/6D
Perception: 2D/5D
Strength: 4D/7D
Technical: 2D/5D
Move: 12/15
Size: 2 - 2.5 Meters

Special Skills: Brawling - Tarkkareans are adept at a special type of unarmed combat, a martial art known as Jinkara. This martial art combines gymnastic moves with boxing blows and unarmed combat moves. Survival - Artic Conditions - Because Tarkkareans come from a cold planet, they have learned to survive artic conditions better than most races. For every 1D a Tarkkarean puts into the survival skill, they get 2D on the specialized skill to a maximum of 6D.

Special Abilities: Cold Resistance - Tarkkareans are naturally cold resistant since they come from Tarkeris, a glacial planet with a heavy gravity. They can resist sub-zero temperatures with no penalties, and they do not require any extra protection to keep their body temperatures regular.

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