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Written by Ruben Archilla

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System Name: Takeris
Location: Columbia Sector

Orbital Bodies:
Name Planet Type Moons
Kemay Ice Glacier 5
Tarkeris Ice Glacier - Homeworld 3
Etar Barren 2
Ketar Barren 0
Var-Betar Ice Glacier 1

Star: Sirek-Ta (Yellow)

Ice Crab
Type: Ice Crustacean
Dexterity: 2D
Perception: 2D
Strength: 3D
Special Abilities: Pinzers- STR + 1D damage. A character must make an easy dexterity check to avoid being pinched by the pinzers of this creature.
Running - This creature can run forward or backwards with the same speed.
Move: 25
Size: Up to 1 meter
Scale: Creature

The Ice Crab is a large crustacean that inhabits the glacial areas of Kemay, Tarkeris, and Var-Betar. This creature is white or blue with large pinzers that it uses to great effect. The Ice Crab will feed on anything that it can find or scavenge and it enjoys eating glacier lizards (see entry below). The Ice Crab is a solitary scavenger, so it is very rare to find two of these creatures together unless it is mating season.

The Ice Crab is a delicacy served in many of the fine restaurants of the Tarkeris system. There are two companies in the system that are dedicated to capturing these creatures and selling them to restaurants. Both companies have warehouses and offices in all three systems.

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