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So You Got The Girl. Now What? - Exploring IC Relationships in RP

Written by Georgette Tan

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Getting committed isn't as difficult and as terrifying as it sounds. The key is to keep on moving. Start up IC projects your characters can do together. Get together with friends. Host a dinner. If you're both warriors, spar with each other. If you're mages, practice your spells together. Teach each other new skills. Find out if your characters have issues they have an opposing opinion on and argue. Pick a fight and dredge up the fact that he used to sleep with anything in a skirt before he met you. Get suspicious about how she spends more and more time with her roguishly good-looking lute instructor. A marital dispute may sound extreme but it is a wonderful angle to explore. There is plenty of good roleplaying opportunities if you look beyond romance and perfection.

When It's No Longer IC
When you get to know each other so well, IC and OOC, it is not uncommon that you make a RL connection with your character's player. You might even become more than friends! If this has happened to you, congratulations.

RL bonds springing from an IC relationship is a gray area, it can be a good thing and a bad thing. It is easy to get swept away by online liaisons. Something to keep in mind is that make-believe is very different from the real world. In other words, the fellow who is the most perfect and romantic partner in RP might really be an alienated beer-guzzler with a collection of dried snot under the computer table! Fortunately, this may not always be the case, but I hope you get my point!

If the both of you can tell IC and RL apart, accept the differences between them, and if neither of you are committing adultery, go for it and be happy. Seize the day! People have found one another online before and lived happily ever after. RPGs are known to have people with a higher intelligence level because it is a specialized creative environment, not something the average, cheap, thrill-seeking #GeneralChat user or a pervert with a webcam aimed at his genitals can keep up with. Even if you don't get married in RL and ride off into the sunset, you may just find yourself a good pal and a memorable friendship that formed over a common ground. The support and inspiration of a friend you found here may compel you to do greater things with your real life.

But that is a whole other article.

For Tommy Bjørnødegård, who showed me that there is life after you get the girl.

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