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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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15) Etreke
The Etreke system is formed by four planets. Etreke is the third planet on the system and one of the two that can support life. The planet is a major tourist resort. Etreke has major natural resources (lumber), beautiful forests, plateaus, and lakes cover the entire surface of the planet.

Orbiting the planet is the Evening Star, a huge resort station. The Evening Star is a luxurious hotel, that has a major mall, a recreation complex, several theaters and restaurants, an opera house, and a concert hall. Security in the resort is handled by a private security force paid and maintained by the corporation who owns the station, and by two imperial platoons.

The resort offers several trips to the surface every day. The trips go to the lakes, the plateaus, and there is also a camping trip available to those who want to take advantage of this form of recreation.

Cassidine is the second planet in the Etreke system that can support life, and the fourth in the system. The planet is a temperate planet similar to Earth in climate and terrain. Several continents are located in the surface, with lots of cities and towns. The major economy of the planet is agriculture and tourism.

Cassidine has some of the most beautiful beaches and oceans in the system. It also has beautiful sunsets, and mountain ranges. Skiing in the winter months is a major activity in this planet.

Cassidine has a major space port named Port Prince Royal, located in the city of Chelestria. Chelestria is a major gambling resort with lots of casinos and hotels around the city. Tourists headed to Etreke have to dock in Port Prince Royal and take the interplanetary shuttle that departs every two hours. The trip from Cassidine to Etreke takes about four hours.

Port Prince Royal is a luxurious place. The landing platforms are not stained with fuel, or blast marks. They are clean with polished marble floors, and service droids everywhere. A freighter landing in this spaceport is received by a protocol droid, and several droids to pick up and carry the luggage of the passengers.

Shuttle services are available to transport tourists everywhere. Tourists headed for the city are transported directly to the hotel where they are going. If the tourists are headed to Etreke they will be taken through the scenic route to arrive at the shuttle. The scenic route is one of three routes around or across the city that allows the tourist to see the city, enjoy a pleasant trip, and arrive at the space shuttle in time to board and go to Etreke.

Security is provided by an imperial garrison, and private police.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
CassidineForestsEntertainment, Agriculture4

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