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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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10) Solwes
One of the farthest systems in the Columbia sector, it is formed by six planets. Solwes is the smallest one, and one of the three that can support life. Solwes is still under exploration, it's surface is 90% covered by oceans. A few islands are found around the planet. Storms and rainfalls are always taking place on the surface, which is part of the reason why the planet is not completely explored, and also the reason why the empire doesn't colonizes the planet.

The other two planets that can support life are Sal-Saaris I, which is an academic center, and Sal-Saaris II, an agricultural planet. The major city in Sal-Saaris I, is Academica city, this city has a total of 10 universities, a major amphitheater, a coliseum, several entertainment centers, a sports arena and complex, hundreds of dorms, and many athletic fields.

Sal-Saaris I, is the site of the Extreme University Games, that are held annually at the sports arena. The games attract students and spectators from all over the galaxy, and they are sponsored by several private corporations. Security is provided by the empire in the form of a large military garrison.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
Sal-Saaris IUrbanAcademic1
Sal-Saaris IIPlateauAgriculture1
Sal-Saaris IIICavenone9

11) Tettego
A large system with seven planets. Tettego is one of the five that can support life, and the biggest one. The planet is a large manufacturing and processing plant for the empire. Computer chips, mainframes, satellite dishes, and lots of electronic equipment are manufactured in Tettego. Several ore processing plants are also located in this planet. Raw metal is imported and melted into large bars that are exported to other planets and systems. The surface of the planet is mostly plain, with a few mountains, some forests, and a few oceans.

Shell City is the main city of Tettego. The city has more than twenty manufacturing plants, and it's a major urban area. The space port located on the eastern part of the city, has a major repair facility. The rest of the city is an ugly urbanized area with large steel and permacrete buildings that house bars, cantinas, restaurants, malls, and residential areas. The city is connected by a network of rail shuttles with hundreds of stations, controlled by computers.

A large imperial garrison, with several major police stations provide security for the city.

Tarr is the second planet in the systems, and it's also an urbanized planet, but lots of the manufacturing plants were closed, which has left the planet in a very precarious situation.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons

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