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The Columbia Sector: Star Wars Homebrew Sector

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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4) Norvale
Norvale is located near the center of the Columbia Sector, and it's the H.Q. of the empire in this sector. It is an urban planet with several major cities. The major economy of the planet is manufacturing. Norvale manufactures everything from computer and electronic modules to spare parts for spaceships. The major manufacturing centers are under the control of several noble houses, and closely watched by the empire. Norvale is the second planet on the system.

Nurial is the first planet in the system, and like Norvale it's also an Urban planet. Nurial is the trade center of the system. Stark city, the major city in the planet has a stellar class starport, and a population of one hundred million people. Many of the intergalactic corporations have offices in Nurial.

The third planet in the system is Tutok, it's surface is mostly covered by water, with a few small islands. The main city of this planet is Water City. Water city has several major hotels and recreation centers, trade offices, museums, art galleries, restaurants, and private residential areas. Tutok's main economy is fish exports, and there are several islands where fish farms work day and night to harvest the fishes that are exported. Some farms are controlled and operated by the empire, most however are private owned. Labor is hired or supplied by slaves. Slave labor is only used in imperial facilities.

The system is formed by the following planets:
NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
TutokOceanExport (Fish)9

5) Oskres
The Oskres system is far away from the main commercial routes of the empire and thus is the perfect place for pirates. Oskres is one of three planets in the system , and it houses a hidden pirate base, within it's deep jungles. Skiff-Braear the pirate base, has several landing stripes that can accommodate most freighter ships, a few cantinas, black market stores, and many other stores where legal and illegal wares are sold. The base is well protected.

The second planet in the system Or-Karan I, is covered by large oceans, with a few small islands. One of the islands in this planet serve as a minor base of operations for the Rebel alliance.

NamePlanet TypeFunctionMoons
OskresJunglesHidden Base (Pirate)4
Or-Karan IOceanHidden Base (Rebellion)8
Or-Karan IIForestExploration7

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