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Guide to Roleplayer Types

Written by Dave Riley

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The Quiet One

This one is the person who sits quietly, following the party and, when she sees the need, will lob that gigantic fireball which deals thousands of points of damage. Either that or back stabs the entire party while they sleep because he is actually been a doppelganger from the beginning of the campaign, or you have a GM who is sadistic enough to put the chaotic evil thief into the game.

The Tank

Do I need to go into this? It’s the player behind the warrior who…. Well….. everyone else hides behind when going into a new room. He’s the warrior with 18/00 strength, so much armor he has encumbrance problems, and the biggest known weapon in the campaign world. And the thing is, he’s usually the party leader, because no one else will stand up to him.

The Strange one

This is the Malkavian who also plays the Gay Garou Glasswalker, the gnome jester all the weird, wacky and wonderful characters to whom bring joy and a good deal of laughter to observers. They have the character concept with comic relief in mind.

The Kit Master

This is the player who refuses to play a normal class in game, no plain fighter, they have to be a swashbuckler or Barbarian.

The Rules Lawyer

These are the players who can quote obscure rules to win a single point of experience and knows the weaknesses of –every- monster. To get past this, they brought in the Obscure Knowledge trait in AD&D.

The Mixture

These are the ones who don’t fit into a single category. I’m going to use a personal experience here. I was in a Party, and there was a Character. Let’s call him Baron Jim. Because that’s what the C was called. He started out a plain Human fighter. He killed a major campaign character on site to get his “Nifty Black Armor” and “Cool Sword with a wolf’s head on it.” He then proceeded to be cursed….. to be an elf. So the party’s leader and Tank, was an elf. He then found religion, and became a paladin. Who then contracted lycanthropy. So, from a human fighter, we got an Elven Paladin Werewolf who could move at 1/16 the speed of sound. The best part was, he ended up as being one of the normalest characters in the game.

So, there you have it. Some of the more common types of players out there and their warning signs. I hope you have fun looking for them.

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