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Guide to Roleplayer Types

Written by Dave Riley

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For those of you who know, There are many different types of Role-players. They each have their different Methods of role-play, as well as different things they bring to the gaming table, and I don’t mean just munchies and drinks. I have tried to do a complete listing, but there is, in essence, more role-player types than there is role-players. These are the ones that are more often found, or at least sighted.

The Zippy Player

These are generally the ones that play to fight then cheat to win the fight. They are unfair, and seem to be most popular with newbie players.

The Power Gamer

These are the players who end up with characters of much higher level. They usually start out as a Hack and Slasher, but due to the risks they take, they get more XP. There was a recent release of a book called “A Munchkin’s Guide to Role-playing” which outlines how to end up as a Power Gamer


This is a category that is only seen online. It’s the kind of person who takes the better part of half an hour to type up a post, which end up being 60-70 lines long, and give exquisite detail. I enjoy seeing them online, because I enjoy a good read. However at two o’clock in the morning, they are more of an annoyance. Depending on circumstance, you belt out a post that’s five or six lines long, they belt out one twenty to twenty five times longer, and you’ve fallen asleep at the keyboard. Sometimes the posts from them turn out not to be worth reading either.

One liners

This is the exact opposite of the novelist, they send posts thirty seconds later, and sometimes, be able to encompass in that one line, what novelists do in 50. They’re not bad to role-play with, especially if you don’t have much time.

The Props man

These are mainly Live Action Role-players (LARP) and, if they also play online, usually Novelists. They are never seen without fake weapons and are usually clad only in what they’re going in to their role-play session, quite impressive to see if they’re playing a past or futuristic setting.


These are usually also online or LARPers. They are also usually novelists. Their posts are of a good size, and encompass a load of blood, bones snapping and cracking, gore, ichor, ripping out and eating of still beating hearts, making human or elven haggis and other monstrosities.

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