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Star Wars Character Templates: Part 2

Written by Ruben L. Archilla

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Mercenary Soldier

Background: You joined the unit for one or more reasons. You trained hard, and you have what it takes to survive in the battlefield. The unit is the only family you know, and the only family you have. It's a dangerous way to make a living, but someone has to do it. You have seen the biggest backwater planets in the galaxy, and even fought on many of them. You have sold your skills to the alliance, major corporations, and just about anyone who can afford to pay your price. Even the empire has hired you, but you try to stay away from dealing with the empire as much as you can. You have dreams of your own, and one of them is to be able to retire with lots of money; until then, it's just one more assignment.

Personality: You are loyal to the unit, outgoing, and always ready for action. You enjoy gambling, and you have a carefree attitude. Out in the battlefield you are all business, your weapons are always ready, and you are always alert and sharp.

Objectives: To make enough money to retire from the unit.

Quote: "How much does it pay?"

Connection to Other Characters: You know every member in your squad. You also know a smuggler, and a gambler.

  • Dexterity (4D): Blaster 5D (S - Blaster Rifle 6D, and Blaster Pistol 6D), Dodge, Firearms, Grenade, Melee Combat 5D (S - Knives 6D) , Running, Thrown Weapons, Vehicle Blasters
  • Knowledge (3D): Planetary Systems, Survival 4D, Willpower
  • Mechanical (2D): Communications, Repulsor Lift Operations
  • Perception (4D): Command, Hide 5D, Search, Sneak, Gambling
  • Strength (3D): Brawling 4D, Climbing/Jumping, Swimming
  • Technical (2D): First Aid 3D
Equipment: Comlink, Glow Rod (2), Medpac, Blaster Pistol (Dmg 4D), Blaster Rifle (Dmg 5D), Grenades (2), Knife, Blast Helmet, Blast Vest, Breath Mask, Macrobinoculars.

Notes: This is your basic mercenary soldier, with all the basic skills of a mercenary. He can act as a sniper if needed, or lead a small group of untrained soldiers. He can use any weapon, and specializes in a few of them, and he is in excellent health and physical shape.

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