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The Basics of IRC Gaming

Written by Kate Manchester

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Once, you've connected to a network, select a server. Some are better connected to the network than others, and you'll just have to figure out which are best, or ask someone, like an IRC Op.

When you connect to the Network, be sure to read their rules and MOTD (Message of the Day). Failure to follow them can result in getting you banned (a.k.a. killed or k-lined) from the network. Note the nicks of the Network's IRC Ops/Wizards (people who run the network). These people can offer you help if you need it, and are generally pretty friendly. Also make note of the help channel(s), as IRC Ops are often to be found there.

Once connected, type /join #channelname if you know what you're looking for. Otherwise, bring up a channel list. Be warned: Dalnet and Undernet have LOTS of them and it takes a long while to pull up a full list. When you're searching through a list, you may want to limit your search to certain words, but keep in mind, this may not always be successful, as many Channel Ops leave their topics blank, and I'm not sure if it searches through the entire description.

Once you've found a gaming channel, you need to track down the people in charge and ask if you can join. This is not always an easy task. I once had to corner one after waiting four weeks with no word.

One last thing. When entering a gaming channel, it is a good idea to say hello and to speak using (( )), which indicates Out of Character comments. Channel Ops are known to kick people who don't do this.

Good luck and happy gaming!

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