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New Character Templates for Star Wars

Written by Ruben Archilla

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The Covert Ops Specialist

Notes: This was inspired by the Covert Ops Specialist character class from Shadowrun 3rd ed. Players who choose this template have to be very resourceful, and ready for a lot of danger and action.

Covert Ops specialists, go anywhere and everywhere, and they usually have very dangerous missions. The covert ops team takes on the suicidal missions that nobody wants, and succeeds at them. The Covert Ops Specialist works well as part of a special ops team, or as a single agent in a very dangerous mission.

Template Type: Covert Ops Specialist

You are excellent at infiltrating places, and gaining access where none is granted. You can survey any target, and gather intelligence.

If you are working with a team, the information you gather gets them inside and allows them to get the job done. If your team needs to get deep into imperail controlled territory, you are the one who gets them there, and then gets them inside.

When you need to get inside you have skills, and gadgets that will allow you to bypass the most sophisticated security systems and alarms.

Guards are no problem, you can avoid them, fast talk them or take them out cold if needed. You can sneak almost anywhere, and usually do.

You have one or two secret or covert identities, and a few safe houses around the galaxy.

You are fast, smart and good at what you do. You can get in trouble as fast as you can get out of it. Your team members trust you, and count on you to get them inside. You know how to find information about secret installations of the empire. You enjoy the risk that comes with each assignment, specially if it brings the rebellion closer to victory.

To infiltrate as many places, and find out as many secrets as you possibly can.

A Quote:
"You need to get inside there? No problem"
"What's the empire hiding in that place? Let's find out"

Connections to other Characters:
You know a few people who can get you sophisticated equipment and gadgets at reasonable prices and no questions asked. You know at least one smuggler who can offer you safe passage. You have a contact that supplies information to you on a regular basis for a small price (free if he is your leader or rebellion contact).

(4D) - Athletics, Blaster (S-Blaster Pistol-5D), Brawling Parry (S- Martial Arts-5D), Dodge, Melee Combat, Runing.

(4D) - Bureaucracy, Business, Cultures, Electronics (S- Security Systems-5D), Languages, Streetwise, Willpower.

(2D) - Astrogation, Communications, Space Transports, Starfighter Piloting

(3D) - Bargain, Con, Forgery, Hide, Investigation, Persuasion, Sneak.

(2D) - Climbing/ Jumping, Stamina, Swimming

(2D) - Computer Prog, Demolition, Droid Prog, First Aid Equipment - Breathmask, Comlink, Datapad, Glow Rod, Macrobinoculars, Recording Rod, Hold-Out Blaster or Blaster Pistol, Grenades(2), Electronic Tools Pack, 2000 credits.

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