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An Interview with David Eddings

Written by Jeri Jirsa

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David Eddings has long been a favorite author of mine. From the moment I picked up Pawn of Prophecy from the shelf of the local used bookstore, I was hooked, eagerly snatching up each new book they got in. And each one only got better.

If one were to ask me why I like him so much, I'd be hard pressed to say. He writes with such a creative, original flair that gives his characters true life. (My personal favorite is Ce'Nedra. Kinda reminds me a bit of myself. Except with more money at her disposal. And better looking. *twinkle*)

I've read every single book of his, with the exception of The High Hunt, which now seems impossible to get, and The Rivan Codex, which I can't afford 'cause I'm your typical poor college student with no income. For a gamer like myself, he's the perfect story-weaver.

He's got all the classes you'd want represented. You have your powerful elderly wizard, powerful "young" sorceress who stops hearts with her beauty, huge barbarian berserker, a thief and occasional assassin, knight in shining armor, and fighter/mage destined to save the world, and the spoiled classled noble princess.

I have to admit, I've used a lot of his concepts in my game, which is set in my custom world called Akesia. And I'm not ashamed to admit that it's made my game about a million percent more fun. An epic quest to save the world from the forces of darkness, forces that few understand, strange abilities, and destinies that have been set since the beginning of time itself. Who wouldn't like something like that? It's the stuff true roleplaying is made of!

The only problem one could have with Eddings is that his books have similar tones and themes. But in my mind, it only emphasizes his particularly unique writing signature. Something else I'd like to point out, with quite a bit of amusement, is one of the names he uses. Everyone who's ever read Dragonlance will remember (usually fondly) the half-elf named Tanis. In Eddings' world there are no half-elves, but if you read through Edding's serie the Elenium you'll find a young noble knight who is also named Tanis. I have to wonder- was that a popular name at the time?

So if you're looking for an idea on how to play that ideal paladin or cavalier, look up Sparhawk in the Elenium. If you want a thief, find Silk in the Belgariad series. Likewise, you want a barbarian berserker, find Barak. (Same series.) With characters inspired by David Eddings' incredible talent, the GMs in the games I play in wind up enjoying my characters. (At least that's what they tell me to my face. *LOL*)

Get out there and pick up one of his books. At least as an escape from the real world. If you're a true lover of fantasy, you'll head back to the bookstore getting all the rest of the books till either you have them all or you're broke.

Happy reading!

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